General Terms

In order to be able to use the services of this Internet site (hereinafter referred to as Website) you should submit us relevant information. That is why is necessary that you become familiar with the conditions for use of services rendered by the site. When you click on the button “Registration” and/or marking “I agree with the conditions for use” you register as users provided that you understand and you are completely familiar with this agreement as well as that the same will be obligatorily kept from your side at using the Website services.

You use the Website services ANONYMOUSLY i.e. IT IS NOT necessary to submit your name, father`s name and family name as well as other data excluding the cases when you make payment. Only you have access to your profile, after having registered user name and password.  The data which you register are not shown to third persons. Pursuant the law the information that you submit us is reliably protected. By this statement you express your wish to submit us the information necessary for your use of the Website services, by filling the registration form. You agree to use the Website services according the provisions in this agreement.

Each Website user shall register himself/herself by filling the registration form where he/she fills in the required information. At his/her registration you undertake to submit precise and correct information. 
We use the registered information in order to render our services as in any case we will not deliver it to third parties excluding the cases provided in law. You agree that part of the information will be used for marketing and statistical purposes by the Website which also means the receiving of information and news by the Website on the e-mail address filled at the registration. At the registration you are filling in your user name and password as you are completely responsible for their keeping, use or rendering by you to third party. If you have any doubts that your registration is used by third party without your permit you may change your access password. You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your user name and password and for all actions arising from your registration.

Rights and obligations of the parties

By your registration you agree that:

  1. You are entitled to make only one registration for your personal use.
  2. You fill correctly the required information.
  3. You will use the website services in their current condition as you take the full responsibility for the use of information submitted on the pages of this Website.

We do hereby declare that:

  1. We guarantee the non-disclosure of data registered by you.
  2. We shall develop the services in this Website on the basis of feedback which you give us and we shall submit you new information.
  3. We shall be responsible for damages, losses or lost profits as well as for any actions or decisions taken by you as a result of information read in the Website.
  4. We do not have claims to you for profits or benefits which you by means of using the information on this website have obtained personally for you without breaching the copyrights. 
  5. We guarantee for 100 per cent usefulness, completeness and fidelity of the information which is published on the Website and we shall not be responsible that any of the users has trusted this information.
  6. At taking significant decisions if you wish a psychological advice or consultation you should turn to professional psychologist or psychotherapist.

Website contents and copyrights

The Website logo and contents are exclusive ownership of the Website and are protected by the Copyright Act. The copying, reproduction, re-publishing or distribution in any way of the 

Website contents without the explicit written consent for this is prohibited. An exception are all texts, names of products, makes, symbols, names of companies, commercial designations and logos which are owned by their legal holders. 

Deletion of registration
With the purpose of facilitation of the server operation as well as pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, registrations which are not used for 6 months shall be automatically deleted. 

Relations with third parties
The web site may contain links to other pages outside the web site or Internet resources. We do not have control on their contents and we are not responsible for the contents, products, services or information in these links. 

Limitation of responsibility
The Web site shall not be responsible for accidental events, consequences or indirect damages associated with the functioning or the access to the Web site.

Changes in the web site
All changes and novelties which we introduce shall be disclosed by publishing on the Web site or sent by e-mail.

We reserve our right to:
Change the contents and the provisions of this agreement at any time and without preliminary warning.

Change the Web site contents
Remove links and information without preliminary warning.